Fleet Challenges May 25 2022, By IndianOil

Overcoming Fleet Challenges in a Post-Covid World:

As the dust settles down and economies gradually re-open, it becomes imperative for businesses to turn their attention towards recovery, and fleet management is no exception.

Industries have done their best to manage this crisis through numerous mitigation techniques, adequate preparedness, and appropriate response.

Here are a few tips that can help you manage and organize your fleet operations in the ‘new normal’ in an optimal manner:

Safety & sanitation are top priority today. As social distancing has become the norm it is imperative that the entire team including the drivers abide by the rules and government guidelines. It is also important to understand that, since everyone is under stress due to the ongoing crisis, the team should be given proper time to rest and relax.

Fleet maintenance is of paramount significance because it is not only important to keep your vehicles on the road, but also to increase their lifespan. With everything going haywire in the world right now, it is easy to overlook fleet maintenance. But by keeping a tab on the maintenance calendar you will not only increase your vehicle’s durability but also build up a buoyant business that delivers on expectations.

As social distancing comes into play, it has become harder to maintain a steady revenue. For instance, businesses had to cut down certain activities to avoid the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Thus, it becomes prudent to make use of fleet management technologies like GPS & Telematics. You can stop wondering where your fleet is and start to make decisions on a real-time basis. These features will help you remotely monitor vehicle movement, as well as fuel and driver management and much more.

Monitoring the expenses and operating costs can definitely procure better results for your business. As it will help you have a better budgetary control over costs. Also, spending on necessities like oil changes, tire rotation, and other regular maintenance items will ensure smooth operation of your fleet.

Drivers are at the heart of your business, and in these uncertain times they need your support now more than ever. There should be constant communication with the driver, which also helps them take decisions. By being in touch with them you can have easy access to numerous logistically important data like current location, ETA, load specifications, driver’s health etc.

With no foreseeable end to the fight against COVID-19 in sight, keeping your employees safe and your drivers on the road is key. From providing tools like hand sanitizers and disinfectants, a healthy game plan is the way forward to keeping your business fully operational and on the road.

In conclusion, it would be fitting to say that COVID-19 has brought about seismic changes to your world. The pandemic has acted as a sudden catalyst for change. Whether you are a small business owner or managing a large fleet operation you had to step up your game!

COVID-19 has meant the restructuring of fleet strategies, how vehicles are sourced, managed and operated. Thus, in keeping with the principle that necessity is the mother of invention, we should look at this hurdle as an opportunity and make necessary improvements that were previously ignored.