Choose the right gift, Gift a Fuel Card

EASY FUEL Card is the best way to incentivize your channel partners or manage employee fuel reimbursements.

Two powerful variants to suit your needs

Single Recharge

Single recharge cards are Ideal for marketing campaigns or Gifts for special occasions or even incentivizing Channel Partners.

  • Comes with a preloaded value

  • Can be used as long as the value remains in the card or till 3 years.

  • Your customer can use till the value is exhausted.

Multi Recharge

Multiple recharge cards are versatile and ideal for managing fuel reimbursements and managing fleet costs in an efficient and prudent manner.

  • You can recharge or top up the card with any value.

  • Fuel card for repeated top ups.

  • This card is valid for 3 years.

Whatever may be your use case, we have a solution


Reward your channel partners
for their efforts


Fuel always serves as handy gift for special occasions


Reimburse fuel expenses by making the process employee-friendly

Reward your channel partners for their efforts

With the XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel Card, you can incentivize your Channel Partners for their performance. When your channel partner puts your brand above others, you can encourage them by offering valuable rewards that help them grow their own business.

By rewarding certain behaviors of your channel partners, you can motivate them to participate in your incentive program and build better partnerships for the future.

Gifting solution for every occasion

Fuel always serves as a handy gift for any and every special occasion. The XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel Cards are the perfect companions on the go. It is the most convenient, secure and versatile gift option to say that you care.

By gifting fuel, you choose smart; you are choosing the right. In addition to providing convenience and security, you will have a gift that offers a hassle-free and total value gifting solution.

Manage Employee Fuel Reimbursement effortlessly

The XTRAPOWER Easy Fuel Card allows you to manage fuel reimbursements seamlessly by making the process employee-friendly. This card will not only make managing fuel reimbursements highly stress-free for you, but your employees will also find this to be a convenient tool to manage all of their fuel operations.

Platform Features

Easy Recharge
Accepted in 35,000+ ROs
Available in Digital and Physical Variants
Secured with PIN and OTP
Manage Limits
Block Pin
Transfer Funds
Easy Integration
Real Time Report
Support for end User 24x7
Instant Alerts

Your money is in safe hands

Unlike other gift cards where the unused balance expires, in our program any unused balance can be refunded 100%