Complete Fuel and Fleet Management Solution

Our cutting-edge platform helps you to cut costs, remain agile and boost your fleet productivity.

Power your fleet with the all-in-one platform

Hi-tech digital platform to manage fuel and fleet

Dynamic controls on limits and merchants

Instant alert and periodic reports to stay on top of your fleet operation

Unmatched RO network with best price advantage

Attractive reward points

Unrivaled driver benefits

Incredibly Simple to Use

We make fuel management stress-free and simple for you with an assortment of convenient features like

  • Easy Onboarding

  • Multiple Recharge Options

  • Limits and Controls

  • Attractive Redemption Option

  • Varied Transaction Modes

Get started with XTRAPOWER and experience the convenience and flexibility in managing your fleet operations with ease and comfort.

24 X 7 Easy Recharge Options

You can choose a simple and quick way to quickly recharge your account with various options like RTGS, NEFT, IMPS UPI, Credit/Debit Card or Internet Banking, available to you round the clock.

So, you can also take advantage like the millions of customers who are using these convenient and flexible recharge options every day for a hassle-free experience.

Flexible Credit Options

In our quest to provide a more diverse financing option for your fuel purchases, we have partnered with some leading Financial Institutions and NBFCs. As a member of the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program, you can select a credit partner, best suited for your needs from the available options ;

  • HDFC Bank

  • American Express Bank

  • Sundaram Finance Ltd

  • Tata Motors Finance Ltd

  • Sriram Transport Finance Corporation

Easy to use Interface to Get you started..

Get your business moving with our User-friendly, simple, Clean and fluid web & mobile interface. You can manage your fleet operations at your fingertip with options to recharge online, view transactions, manage limits, search outlets & redeem points through our user friendly mobile app available on Android and iOS platforms.

No matter where your day takes you, the XTRAPOWER helps you manage fleet operations efficiently and keeps you ahead.

Multiple Transaction Modes

Paying for fuel at our petrol pumps through XTRAPOWER is even more convenient with multiple transaction modes like card, mobile, and RFID for seamless operation.

We aim to simplify the payment experience, unlocking opportunities, and efficiencies to give you greater control of your fleet management operations.

RFID Fuel Management

Be assured of the correct quantity that goes into your tank with our RFID fuel management solution, which ensures the correct quantity is delivered inside your fuel tank at all times.

The result is accurate and seamless fueling. We help you monitor fuel consumption and record accurate mileage to retain absolute control on where, when, and how much fueling should be done.

Telematics Integrated Solution

Our Telematics solution is tailor-made to the unique needs of your fleet as we combine two significant data streams of Fuel and Fleet with helping you manage your fleet more effectively. The superior fleet management system will give you real-time insights into vital parameters like kmpl, cost per km, fuel consumption, driver scores, temperature, Location and much more.

Switch to our integrated platform with unique capabilities and get detailed insights on your entire fleet operations to help you lower costs, gain visibility, improve the uptime of vehicles on the road and increase overall safety.

Our Door-to-Door Delivery (DDD) Platform enables

Our doorstep Delivery Platform lets you to get fuel delivered right to your doorstep for your stationary equipment. Get the convenience of timely fuel delivery with safety assurance while avoiding wastage or spillage.

Now you can also link your XTRAPOWER CCMS A/c into our Fuel@Call App for easy payment on the platform, which directly translates into cost savings through attractive Incentives on spending at Fuel@Call App too.

We care for your Drivers

IndianOil’s XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program endeavors to make your drivers feel at home and puts enormous focus on their well-being. Initiatives like regular and exclusive health and eye check up programs, insurance benefits, speak of our commitment towards their well-being.

We have developed facilities at our large format outlets on the highways that cater to drivers in transit and provides a home away from home. With amenities like secured parking spaces, hygienic eateries, clean dormitories, it provides the perfect opportunity to refresh and recharge.

Insurance Benefits

An insurance plan ensures that you don't have to bear the financial costs if an unfortunate event occurs. Accident risk cover and guaranteed support make insurance the financial security that provides peace of mind.

As a member of the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program, you get insurance coverage for the truck crew at the time of the accident of up to Rs.5lac. Furthermore, the truck crew can also claim insurance benefits in a permanent or partial disability. Additionally, a one-time education grant is also provided to the children of the aggrieved party.

Get notified on every event

We provide you with tools that will help you elevate your fleet management capabilities to newer heights. With prompt alerts for instant action, easy access to all reports, and updated MIS for better decision-making, control & analysis, you can optimize your fleet management operations.

Get notified about any prevailing concerns of your fleet, and resolve issues faster to be better equipped and organized.

API Integration

With our large stack of robust APIs for Fuel and Fleet Management, we help you move towards a holistic approach that will eliminate manual processes, increase security, cut costs, and gain a competitive edge.

  • Visualizing all your data on a centralized platform

  • Access all Fuel & Fleet data within your enterprise systems.

  • Automate your fuel desk with financial controls

  • Monitor fleet and driver KPIs effortlessly and improve fleet performance significantly.

Protecting your Data with Best-in-Class Security

With the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card program, you can be assured that your money is in safe hands. The card’s secured chip and pin authentication is designed to make your purchases safe and secure eliminating the chances for card cloning.

We can ensure that your money is in safe hands.The ISO 27001 compliant data center, the global gold standard in information security, makes sure your data is always safe. Along with this, regular cybersecurity audits ensure compliance and having proper security measures in place, so that you never need to worry.

More you Spend… More you Save

Every time you buy fuel/lubricants through the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card from IndianOil retail outlets, you earn incentives and get assured savings in the form of XTRA points.

You can accumulate these reward points and redeem them for free fuel or a variety of Gift Vouchers.

Customized Solution for every Industry

long-haul | For this reason, we | driver-friendly

We understand the complexities involved in managing long haul services. For this reason we offer benefits like secured parking in our large format outlets with maximum frontage for easy entry-exit, driver friendly amenities, & retail outlets spanning the entire country so that you avoid dead mileage.

Express Logistics

We help you maximize uptime and keep trucks on the road for the maximum amount of time to ensure timely delivery. We make all of this possible for you with our outlets having fast fuel dispensing services & cashless payment options.

Automotive Carriers

With our offerings of large-format outlets, which enable convenient entry & exit of large trucks carrying automotive, secured parking spaces, and most importantly, with our vast fuel network dotting the highways, we help you move like clockwork.

Cold chain Logistics

We recognize cold chain logistics challenges, so we provide a telematics solution integrated into our fuel management platform. It helps you monitor perishable goods with temperature sensors and cargo monitoring. And our large fuel network ensures that there is no wait time or shortage of fuel.

Cab / Taxi

With our outlets accessible to you in the most convenient locations throughout the city, we ensure no wait time for your fleet of cab/taxi in getting fuel. We help you operate a seamless inter & intra city cab/taxi service more efficiently and effectively.


We help you manage emergency services more proficiently by prioritizing fuel filling for your fleet of ambulances. We also offer multiple transaction modes for fast and easy payment options at our outlets. And you can also avail our telematics solution tailor-made for your industry to maximise efficiency & keep moving.

Last-mile deliveries

We enable you to optimize last mile deliveries in your city. With large number of outlets, we make sure that whenever you need fuel, you are never far away from an IndianOil filling station. With easy transaction options for your drivers, your operation will always stay ahead.


We help you manage your fuel expenses digitally and have better control over fuel utilization. By partnering with us, you can also make savings in the form of incentives when you transact with XTRAPOWER.

DG Set

We can be of great assistance when it comes to managing your DG set fuelling operations with an array of services like our Door Delivery option for stationary equipment, RFID rings for your fuel tank, the largest network of fuel stations within your reach, and amazing saving options.


With an expanse of retail outlet networks and the option for getting fuel delivered right at your doorstep and attractive reward points, we help you manage your assets in the mining sector with utmost proficiency & efficiency.

Chemical Carriers

We'll incorporate a state-of-the-art telematics solution with a common platform such as NICER Globe for the chemical industry. And, with our outlets located at strategic positions, you will never run short of your fuel needs.


The modern Telematics solution that you get by partnering with us can be integrated with leading cement companies, so that your consigner has seamless vehicle visibility and ensured timely delivery. The availability of a vast network will also prove to be an added advantage for you.


We ensure that you are never short on fuel, even if it means getting fuel for your heavy and stationary construction equipment. With our integrated door delivery platform, you can be assured of getting fuel on time, every time.

Food and Beverage

You can reduce wasted time and costs for your express delivery of food and beverages with us. With options like priority filling, and easy modes of transactions, you will be able to streamline your operations and maintain control of your fleet.

Delivery Provider

Maximize uptime, reduce expenses and increase visibility to keep your delivery fleet on track.

Educational Institutions

Identify vehicle defects
and keep track of your fleet and drivers throughout the day.

Want to get started?