Insurance Benefits

Insurance scheme for XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD PROGRAM with effect from 06.07.2021

Insurance Service Provider: The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.

Insurance Scheme:
Insurance features of XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD include following: (Sum insured for Driver, and Helper) for Road accidents involving the Driver/ Helper while moving in the same Vehicle as enrolled under the Program.

Insurance Coverage:

Sr No Particulars Coverage in Rs.
DRIVER and Driver Card Holder
1 On death in Accident 5,00,000
2 On Permanent Total Disability 5,00,000
3 On Permanent Partial Disability 2,50,000
4 Accidental Medical Extension* 50,000
5 Education Grant** 10,000
6 Carriage of Dead Body 2,500
7 On death in Accident 3,00,000
8 On Permanent Total Disability 3,00,000
9 On Permanent Partial Disability 1,50,000
10 Accidental Medical Extension* 30,000
11 Education Grant** 10,000
12 Carriage of Dead Body 2,500

* Accidental Medical Extension (In the event of Death, Permanent Total Disability and Permanent Partial Disability arising due to accident) –- Medical extension up to 10% of Sum Insured or 50% of claim amount or actual whichever is less.

** Education Grant (In the event of Death, Permanent Total Disability arising due to accident) –- one time Per child Rs 10000/- for maximum of two children upto age of 25 years.

Claim Entitlement
(a) Only ACTIVE CARDS as on date of accident would be entitled for availing insurance benefits. The cards will be considered as active on following parameters

i. Insurance on Vehicle Specific Card / Driver Card - Active card shall mean the vehicle specific card / Driver Card must have purchased fuel worth at least Rs 50,000/- in the last 90 days prior to the date of incident / accident. In case of Driver cards, Insurance Coverage shall be applicable for all vehicular road accidents suffered involving the Driver while driving any Commercial vehicle.

ii. Insurance on Generic Card (Vehicle Number mapped in XTRAPOWER Portal) -To qualify for availing Insurance Benefits, the generic card customer must have transacted for fuel purchase at least Rs 5.0 lacs worth of Fuel in the last 90 days through Xtrapower Generic Cards. The vehicle number will be updated by Fleet Team through XTRAPOWER portal owned by the Generic card customer.

(b) Name as on Card and the one as per RC book of the vehicle should be same for qualifying for Insurance benefits. Prevailing IRDA guidelines would be applicable for all insurance claims.

(c) Insurance claims under XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD PROGRAM are admissible for vehicular road accident only.

(d) As an added feature one can avail MEDICAL INSURANCE under our fleet card program as per the scheme described.

(e) Claimant must send the claim directly to M/s. Oriental Insurance for claim settlement.

(f) Above Insurance benefits are offered FREE of cost to the members of XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD PROGRAM.

(g) For further details of this insurance scheme you may refer Frequently Asked Question (FAQ).

Claim Settlement
(a) Claim must be submitted along with mandatory documents as described in FAQ. Insurance claim MUST be reported immediately to the following office of the underwriter through written communication/Fax/email.

(b) IndianOil / Insurance company won't be liable for any claims not intimated to the Insurance Company within 90 days of incident (Vehicular accident).

(c) Claim should be submitted to:
The Divisional Manager
The Oriental Insurance Company Limited
Mumbai City Divisional Office No.16
Magnet House, 4th Floor
Narottam Morarjee Marg
Ballard Estate,
Mumbai - 400001
Ph : 022-22619241/5154, Fax : 022 -22619243
Email :

(d) Claimant must apply on the separate claim form for respective section of insurance coverage e.g. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (includes Death, TPD & PPD) and MEDICAL INSURANCE.

(e) Copies of the claim forms are available on this website. Customer can download the same from our website.

(f) Claimant must clearly mention Customer Id, Card PAN, and Vehicle No. along with the documents while submitting the claim.