Automate your fleet management with our robust API platform

We help to eliminate manual processes to cut costs and improve performance.

Stand alone systems do not provide optimal efficiency

Fuel management and Financial approvals in different systems
Fuel transaction data is entered manually for trip settlement
Telematics Data not integrated with your core enterprise system
Telematics and Trip data not integrated with Fleet card

It’s time you take a holistic approach

For professionally managed large fleet operations like yours, manual controls in different systems are risky, not to mention about the ever increasing manpower costs to manage multiple systems manually.

It's possible that your current stand-alone solutions aren't providing you with the optimal operational efficiency without an integrated approach.

This is where you need a reliable fleet management solution to help you to automate your processes completely.

We help Fleet Managers visualize all fleet data in a single platform

Access all fleet data in single system

Automate fuel desk with financial controls

Monitor fleet and driver KPIs effortlessly

Improve fleet performance

We Enable Technology Leaders Transform Fleet Systems

Create integrated fleet management platform and gain competitive edge

When you choose to integrate with Indian Oil’s APIs for fuel and fleet management, you create future ready fleet management systems.

  • Eliminate manual processes and automate
  • Get large API stack and Custom APIs for your business
  • API platform built for speed and scale to match your business needs
  • Highly secure and reliable APIs from industry leader
  • Quick and easy integrations

  • One stop solution for fuel, fleet telematics and driver APIs.

CEOs get total visibility of fleet operations

Optimize your fleet operations and stay ahead of the curve by using data to your advantage. Find new efficiencies and deliver measurable results with our robust API platform.

  • Make data driven decisions.
  • Improve fleet productivity and profitability
  • Shift from manual to system controls
  • Reduce fleet management costs

Get Fuel and Fleet APIs from Industry Leader

Account Management
Capably manage your account level balance and ledger.
Card Management
Temporarily hotlist your card, reset pin, unblock pin, change transaction mode.
Limit Management
Control daily and monthly transaction limits and assign CCMS limits too.
Fuel Transactions
Every fuel transaction happening at the outlet will be available on your system.
Vehicle Tracking
Get notified on live location, latitude& longitude, address, speed, orientation etc.
Vehicle Management
Manage vehicles effortlessly by adding or removing vehicles or grouping.
Places and Routes
Manage routes with ease by creating points of interests(POIs).
Trip Management
Create and manage trips by assigning trips, start & end trip actions, driver and client information.
Driver Management
Conveniently edit information like driver license expiration, manage driver behavior with driver scores.
Fleet Analytics
Complete collection of vital parameters.
Fleet Reports
Acquire crucial insights into your fleet operations, maintenance needs and costs with useful reports.
Custom APIs
Custom APIs to suit your unique fleet management needs.

Technology that drives your business

Our advanced API platform helps you focus on data-driven solutions and insights to optimize all aspects of your fleet operation at every level.

  • Robust API layer supporting SOAP and REST APIs in multiple data formats
  • Get real time event updates through Webhooks
  • Support file exchanges through SFTP and FTP with multiple file formats
  • Scalable infrastructure to ensure your growing needs
  • Strong security implementation with regular VAPT audits through best in class cyber experts

API Support you can rely on 24 X 7

We understand your business is critical and runs 24 X 7

High Availability Real time API monitoring tools deployed to ensure that there are near zero downtimes.
DR Ready Fully backed up in Near DR & DR Data Centers to ensure your business continuity
Support 24 X 7 Dedicated Technical Support Team available 24 x 7 over call, mail and remote support.
Business Team Involvement Involvement of direct business teams who understands your business in all API support

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