Tips for choosing a fleet card May 25 2022, By IndianOil

4 points you must consider while choosing a fleet card

Whether you own a small business or a fleet of thousands of vehicles, it is highly likely that you may face some problem managing your fleet at some point or the other, which may require quick and effective solutions. Fleet Management is essential for smooth operations, so an easy way to optimize your fleet is to choose a fleet card that suits your needs. Addition of the right fleet card can provide you tools to oversee your fleet, control costs and manage operations in the most efficient way possible.

Making the right decision is the first step, therefore, IndianOil XTRAPOWER Fleet Card offers its customers tailor-made services that ensure smooth operation of fleets. With a wide range of benefits being offered, your search for the perfect fleet card ends with us. And by choosing the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card you will be making the right choice. Below listed are 4 such points that you should definitely consider while opting for a fleet card.

Integrated Platform

An integrated platform gives you the ability to track, monitor and service all of your vehicles at the time, giving you a detailed, up-to-date view of your fleet. With all these insights you can add pace to your fleet.

Your fleet relies on fuel thus, it is necessary for you to have a secure management system to track and monitor fuel consumption and cost. With the XTRAPOWER fleet card you can assign limits & controls, earn loyalty points with every purchase and do so much more. So that you can effectively manage fuel cost and take your fleet operations to the next level.

The system involves overseeing and maintaining fleets to ensure operations are seamless. Telematics increases fleet efficiency and automates tasks like driver supervision, vehicle maintenance, route planning, fuel consumption etc. Thus, by enrolling in the XTRAPOWER fleet card program you can reduce operational costs, deliver better performance and maximize efficient operation across the board.

With the help of an automated fuel management system like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification System) fueling, you can collect data automatically and accurately. It enables fast, cashless & precise billing & fuel dispensing by wirelessly identifying and authorizing unique vehicles & drivers to dispense fuel from dedicated IndianOil fueling stations.

The unique initiative by IndianOil ensures that customers in need of fuel on an emergency basis can avail of it at their doorstep with the new mobile delivery truck. The service called the ‘Fuel @ Doorstep’ ensures that end users get a hassle free supply of fuel on demand. One of the additional benefits of this service is the fact that users can avoid unneeded spillage of fuel, unsafe handling and pilferage.

The XTRAPOWER Fleet Card also gives you the ease of a simple and easy interface to stay connected and updated wherever you go. By keeping the interface simple and intuitive means that you can work more efficiently, saving time which improves productivity. You can navigate seamlessly on the web portal and mobile app, for getting regular updates and easy reports to keep pace with your fleet management needs.

With a secure and robust API stack for managing your fuel and fleet, you can operate seamlessly from your systems. XTRAPOWER’s Integrated Fleet Management program’s API allows one application to talk to another one through simple commands thereby, streamlining business operations. API allows for better customers’ experiences, ease of integration, automating tasks & improved services without significantly increasing the cost.

  • Fuel Management

  • Telematics

  • RFID Fueling

  • Doorstep fuel delivery

  • Multiple easy interfaces

  • API

Retail Network

One of the main advantages of being connected to a vast retail fuel network is that you will always have access to fuel supply even in the remotest parts of the country.

As a customer what you want is an unmatched fuel network which gives you access to vast numbers of retail outlets spanning the entire country. In order to maximize efficiency and increase productivity of your fleet, IndianOil’s vast fuel retail network gives you an extensive, reliable network for an active management of your fleet operations and for conveniently buying fuel. Hence we have carefully chosen our retail outlets covering the length and breadth of the country from our existing fuel retail network of over 30000 petrol pumps.

For effectively assisting in the maintenance of your fleet, you can choose from IndianOil’s wide-ranging formats that suit your needs. These formats include

  • Larger the better

  • Multiple formats

  • Company owned

  • Dealer owned - good for availing credit and emergency support services

Driver Care

Driver care and management is as crucial as other processes like vehicle maintenance and inspections. It affects the efficiency of the vehicle and safety of man and machine. Fleet managers should have a strategy in place that allows a comprehensive look at driver productivity and overall safety of the fleet.

  • Facility for stay, care, food, dhaba

    While in transit, as drivers are constantly on the move ensuring safety of the vehicle along with timely delivery of products. IndianOil’s Swagat Outlets are facilities which provide a comfortable stay, hygienic food and overall safety and best services which are of utmost importance to the drivers.

  • Eye and health checks

    As drivers are constantly on the road with little or no time to tend to their own health issues, IndianOil’s unique initiatives like setting up eye and health checkup camps speak of the commitment towards the well-being of transporters and drivers. This is a step that has been much appreciated as it helps in making their onward journeys safer and much brighter.

  • Responsive Support System

    A competent responsive support system is designed to ensure your fleet is operating efficiently and that your business is seamlessly moving forward. A complete, responsive support system provides dedicated, client-oriented service so that you can experience the best possible performance for every one of your vehicles.

  • Emergency assistance

    Prompt and timely roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown or an accident can be of immense help. Disruptions in your otherwise smooth journey can be distressing therefore, XTRAPOWER DOST - Road Side Assistance Service from IndianOil helps truck drivers with emergency services and is always ready to support.

  • Driver Insurance benefits

    As more vehicles enter the highways, the risk of accidents and damages also increases significantly. Therefore, the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program gives you Insurance coverage which ensures that you don't have to bear the financial costs of damage to your vehicle or yourself, should an accident happen. Fleet owners can claim sums insured for road accidents and can avail maximum benefits.

  • 24 X 7 helpdesk and support

    XTRAPOWER’s 24x7 Help Desk support team aims to provide its users an elevated customer service experience each time so that your fleet operations keep running without disruption and downtime.

  • Quick issue redressal

    In order to provide greater customer satisfaction, a quick grievance redressal is optimum. Upon receipt of any complaints, quick processing and updates on actions taken on any issue raised by the customer should be the primary goal.

  • Ability to escalate

    In order to ensure that problems get resolved and issues are addressed at the right level, it is very important to have escalation management procedures in place to deal with any situation. Thus, keeping customer satisfaction as the priority for our members enrolled in the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program we make sure that issues are managed efficiently and effectively.

  • Openness to handle custom requirements

    Customer requirements differ depending on various factors like fleet size, fuel management needs etc. By finding solutions for each individual requirement and custom developments that suit your fleet management needs you can be assured of a seamless operation with the XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program.