One Integrated Platform
for your Fuel and Fleet

Our cutting-edge technology helps you to cut costs, remain agile and boost fleet productivity.

Fleet Management at your fingertips

XTRAPOWER Integrated Fleet Management platform is a pioneering initiative from IndianOil and has become an industry leading solution in a short span of time.

We combine Fuel and Fleet data streams to help you run your fleet more easily and efficiently when you onboard for this cutting-edge solution.

The platform lets you track vehicle’s real-time location, speed, fuel consumption, mileage, vehicle health, cargo & trip status and driver efficiency.

You get direct cost savings and increased productivity in fleet operations, giving you an edge over your competitors.


Get real-time visibility of your vehicles at all times.

Monitor KMPL and Fuel Cost per KM

Determine where to save by comparing prior journeys.

Enhance customer experience with accurate ETAs.

Monitor and improve driver scores and behavior.

Save time and effort for the administration

Powerful platform for Real-time Tracking

Whether your vehicles are parked or on the move, get their precise, real time location on your dashboard.

With high frequency 5 seconds data logging, you get better accuracy on the route travelled and distance.

Key Features:
  • Vehicles List (Search/Select/Filter by Category).

  • View on Map (Single/Multiple/All/Category wise).

  • Clustering Feature (Zoom out and Zoom in Clustering).

  • Live Tracking from View on Map.

  • Vehicle Trail (or Day Tracking) from View on Map.

  • Vehicle Snapshot: All Relevant Information about the Vehicle

Analyze History to Improve Performance

Identify where to make savings by tracing past journeys. Our vehicle tracking system reliably tracks engine hours, idling hours , halt duration and remembers where each vehicle in your fleet has been for up to 90 days in the past.

Our tailormade activity dashboard gives you a quick overview of vehicle movements, highlighting anomalies and revealing trends in your Fleet operations.

Create Geofences for your vehicles

Create and monitor thousands of circular / polygonal / route geofences around areas that have specific interests for you. Receive automated alerts when a vehicle enters, or leaves marked boundaries.

You can add additional layer of control on fleet cards transactions by enabling geofenced fueling Feature. When this feature is enabled fleet card transactions are allowed only when your vehicle is inside the specified retail outlet.

Create and Manage your preferred Routes

Our platform helps you to plan, create, and analyze the most profitable and optimal route strategy for your fleets. By simply choosing your waypoints on our user-friendly interface, you can instantly view optimal route plotted on the map and save it.

You assign vehicles to the route and configure alerts to get you notified if your fleet goes out of the defined route.

Trip Management

Our sophisticated trip management dashboard provides you the precise data to monitor and manage trips so that ascertain timely delivery of services, minimizing expenses and gaining better visibility.

  • Create Trips, Assign Drivers, Vehicles and Route

  • Trip Sharing with your clients

  • ETA Monitoring

  • Trip Deviation

  • Analyze Trip Performance to save cost

  • Trip Sheet Automation

Engage your drivers for better driving behavior

You can boost performance only when you can define and measure

Our advance driving behavior algorithms track important safety and efficiency related metrics to provide you more accurate driving score based on every action of your driver

Configure your KPIs as per your business needs

  • Over speeding

  • Harsh Acceleration

  • Harsh braking

  • Sharp cornering

  • Engine Idling

  • Towing

Coach your drivers for better performance based on our detailed driving behavior report. This directly improves your fleet safety and mileage.

Stay Updated with our Instant Alerts

Know when your vehicle enters or exits a geofence, if it is speeding, and its stopovers. Get SOS alarms for Panic & Device tamper events.

Get Instant alerts by SMS/Email/Mobile App Notification as per your choice to stay updated on all the critical events of your Fleet. No need to buy any SMS pack. All your alerts are free.

Few Important Alerts which you can configure and get started

  • Panic

  • Overspeed

  • Towing

  • Fall

  • Geofence Entry/ Exit

  • Route Deviation

  • Halt

  • Idle

Dashboard, MIS

Monitor progress of key performance indicators and capture specific data points to make better decisions.

  • Vehicle Grouping branch level, customer level , plan level

  • Multiple Logins

  • Custom Reports MIS

  • Powerful Dashboard

Not just reports, Get actionable Insights from Fleet Analytics

Optimize fleet performance by getting deeper insights into vital performance metrics data on your fleet and drivers like fuel consumption patterns, vehicle status and driving events.

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Enterprise Integration

Integrate with your enterprise systems – You can operate seamlessly from your systems (Example – Web ERP, SAP, TMS, FMS, etc.)

You get a secure and robust API stack for managing your fuel and fleet.

No additional costs. Custom developments are also provided to suit your business needs.

Simple pricing plans without missing features

₹ 299 /Monthly

Less than 10 Vehicles

₹249 /Monthly

More than 10 Vehicles

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