IOCL XtraPower Fleet Card May 25 2022, By IndianOil

5 Reasons Why You Should Enroll Yourself for XTRAPOWER Fleet Card

Whether you own a small business or a large one, you likely have two or three vans or trucks, or a fleet of thousands of vehicles delivering products throughout the nation. Therefore, having a fleet management plan can make a real difference. When we discuss fleet expenses, most often our concerns are with fuel. But, other factors like maintenance, insurance, track expenditures, inability to monitor inappropriate spending, mismanagement of drivers etc are also some vital aspects which impacts costs & benefits of your business.

The only way to simplify and expedite these daily decisions is by using the IOCL XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD. A fleet card management programme is a game-changing tool for your business to oversee your fleet, identify potential fraud or misuse, and control cost in the most efficient way.

Why XTRAPOWER Fleet Card?

IndianOil XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program is a complete fleet management solution for Fleet Owners / Operators and Corporate. It is a smart card-based program, which facilitates cashless purchase of fuel & lubes from designated retail outlets of IndianOil through flexible prepaid and credit facilities. With the largest fuel retail network by your side, you can exercise complete control over your fleet through XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD. Whether you have a small crew or hundreds of vehicles, XTRAPOWER fleet cards help you save time and money by letting you:

Manage your fleet through Web and SMS Automatically track your purchases online Access detailed reports Care for your Truck Crew Instant Online reports and Monthly Statements Apart from the benefits stated above, here are 5 more reasons why you should enroll yourself with XTRAPOWER FLEET CARD.

XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Management Program:

This program provides businesses with more control, convenience, savings and security for managing employees, expenditures and processes. With the help of XTRAPOWER fleet card, you can keep your fleet on the right course and your company spending under real-time control. Easy Tracking & Access to detailed reports XTRAPOWER membership entitles you to receive a monthly statement of fleet card transactions. XTRAPOWER Fleet card management helps you track vehicles on a real-time basis on the Google map interface.

It analyzes and improves performance through vehicle tracking after an interval every 5 seconds. Driver’s Supervision & Management XTRAPOWER Fleet card management system helps you keep your driver records up to date and monitor expiration of the driving license. It also facilitates health check-up camps and accident insurance coverage for drivers.

External Device Integration XTRAPOWER Fleet Card:

This device supports the integration of external peripherals such as temperature sensor, fuel sensor, panic button, hooter, immobilizer etc. This helps in accumulating data on route deviation, device tampering, over speeding, ignition status etc. Earn XTRA Points The fleet card program also offers an exciting Rewards Program. Every time you fill your fleet with fuel & lubes using your XTRAPOWER fleet card at designated IndianOil retail outlets, you earn XTRA Points. You can exchange your accumulated XTRA Points for attractive gifts from XTRAPOWER Rewards Catalogue including free fuel & lubes.

In the end, it would be accurate to say that when it comes to finding a complete Fleet Management solution for all your logistical needs, XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program is the right decision for you and your business.


XTRAPOWER Fleet Card Program offers you, not just amazing convenience & security but also an opportunity to translate all your dreams into a reality. Handling assets remotely Monitoring budgets Maintenance issues Driver health Adhering to COVID-19 protocols The distressed economic conditions have put businesses under pressure. They have suddenly found that their margins have tightened making them vulnerable to numerous things. However, many of the challenges that fleet operators have encountered today have existed for quite some time now. Thus, it is now that solutions to these problems have become critical in order to recover & reposition their business in the foreseeable future.