India’s Largest Fuel Network

With 35,000+ Retail Outlets, you can easily manage your fleet with IndianOil’s widespread & reliable network and reduce dead mileage looking for an outlet.

35000+ Retail Outlets

Being the leader in fuel retailing in India, we bring to you an unmatched fuel network that gives access to a vast number of retail outlets spanning the entire country.

With 35,000+ Retail Outlets doting all major highways and roads, you can easily manage your fuelling operations with IndianOil’s widespread & reliable network and reduce dead mileage looking for an outlet.

With our extensive network of retail fuel outlets, we help you keep your vehicles on the road and actively reduce time spent on fuel operations.

With outlets covering the country's length & breadth, we also help you reduce your vehicle's dead mileage because you have access to a wide range of fuelling options and an unsurpassed fuel network.

Fully Automated Fully Trusted

With all our outlets 100% automated, we help you increase efficiency through quick fill-in, avoiding long queues, and assuring you of the right quality and quantity while refueling the vehicle.

The automation of operations helps you monitor various vital parameters centrally controlled through our divisional offices to have complete satisfaction about the quantity and quality of fuel dispensed at the outlet.

Best Price Advantage

Whether you run an intercity fleet operation or cover longer distances crossing state borders, you can be assured of getting the best fuel retail prices with us. Our outlets are strategically positioned on all major highways of the country, which ensures that even if you have to divert from your route for some reason, you are never far away from an IndianOil outlet.

When you have a nationwide operation with a fleet operating across state borders, worrying about fuel costs should be the least of your concerns. Because We give you the advantage of choosing from outlets with the lowest and best prices across the country.

Driver Facilities

As your fleet hits the road to begin the onward journey, you can rely on us to provide basic but necessary amenities. It includes secured parking lots, hygienic eateries, sanitary toilets, dormitories, etc., to make your truck crew feel at home and make their travels more comfortable and safe.

Our sincere effort is to make our retail outlets a home away from home for drivers on the highway. We aim to provide comfort and convenience on journeys that are often arduous and tiring.

Large Format Retail Outlets

Our large format outlets have been developed to make your fuel and fleet operations more convenient and to cater to your specific needs on the highway. We have developed large outlets including greenfield large format retail outlets that dot the major national highways of the country. We offer state-of-the-art facilities to highway travelers in all our Swagat and Company Owned and Company Operated (COCO) large format retail outlets.

SWAGAT outlets are IndianOil’s offering to the Highway Customers. Designed to cater to the specific requirements of Highway travelers, these big size outlets offer you a perfect opportunity to rest, recharge and refresh. SWAGAT aims to make your journey on highways, comfortable and enjoyable experience through provision of facilities and services like secured parking, hygienic eateries, restrooms, dormitories etc.

COCO outlets are also large format outlets that are strategically placed along all major highways. These Company Owned and Company Operated outlets are under the direct supervision of IOCL officers. This means that you can always be sure of high standards of service which will meet all your expectations and needs on your journey.

  • Swagat

  • COCO

Fuel@Call – Door to Door Fuel Delivery

As an extension of our 35000+ retail network we are coming closer to you with the unique initiative of Fuel@Call. With this you can be assured that all your fuel needs for heavy and stationary equipment which cannot be brought to the fuel station will be taken care of.

You can get hassle free supply of fuel on demand right at your door step by linking your XTRAPOWER wallet into our Fuel@Call App for easy payment on the platform. Additionally, you will also earn incentives for fuel purchases which translates into direct savings.

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